Have you ever wondered just how qualified a Tandem Paragliding Flight Instructor is?

I am sure that before you even consider going Paragliding Cape Town, one or a few of the following questions may have popped into your head!

Questions about paragliding:

1) Do you need a license to fly a paraglider?

2) How long have you (tandem pilot) been flying?

3) How experienced are these pilots I trust my life with?

4) Is there a governing body that you belong to?

5) Do you need special permission to fly one of these things?


Well simply put: Yes


1) You do need a special license called a Tandem Paragliding Flight Instructor rating.

2) All of our pilots have been flying for a minimum of 6 years and have completed at least 1000 Tandem Paragliding flights.

3) Our pilots are all highly experienced with thousands of flights.

4) We are members of SAHPA, the South-African Hang gliding and Paragliding Association.

5) You have to have a TFI rating license and a special Table Mountain National Park permit to operate within the park


At Fly Cape Town Paragliding we only employ the best pilots available. We go as far as Europe to find only the best pilots with years of experience and a good safety track record.


The chart above shows the steps to become a Fly Cape Town Paragliding Tandem Flight Instructor.

To become one of these instructors takes years of preparation and dedication but you mostly have to be passionate about flying itself.

Tandem paragliding and paragliding, in general, is not a career choice for us it is a LIFESTYLE!



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