By now you must be thinking: Ok, we are about to go paragliding Cape Town but what type of paragliding equipment do you use and how much does one of these “baby’s” cost ?

Well,  lets start from the top.

A full tandem paragliding kit consists of the following :

paragliding equipment - ozone helmet

Paragliding Cape Town Nutshell

1) Two helmets, one for the paragliding pilot and one for the pax and to answer your next question:

Why do we wear helmets?

To protect your head of course, but mostly on the take off….

paragliding equipment - harness

Paragliding Cape Town Gin Safari Pilot


2) The next two items are the harness’. One pilot harness and one pax harness. These harness’ are designed in such a way that it is possible for you to move from a standing position on the take off to a very comfortable seated position whilst glider flies through the air. The harness is also equipped with a foam protector and an inflatable airbag to protect your back should you have a hard landing.

Paragliding Equipment - pax harness

Paragliding Cape Town Gin Safari Pax


Paragliding Spreaderbars

Paragliding Cape Town Spreaderbars

3) The spreader bars are the bars that connect the pilot to the passenger and the tandem paraglider to the spreader bar.

Paragliding Cape Town Magnum

Paragliding Cape Town Magnum


4)The most important item of them all is the Tandem Paraglider. The gliders we use are Ozone Magnum 2’s. They are 41m’ in size and are made of the highest quality materials available. Definitely the best on the market. They have got a lifespan of around 300 hours.

41m Magnum 2 Reserve

Paragliding Cape Town Reserve

5)We do also carry a reserve parachute in case the main tandem paraglider should fail or collapse, we can throw the reserve to ensure that we come down safely.

So what does all of this cost?

1)Helmet +/- R1500 x 2

2) Harness +/- R6500 x 2

3) Spreader bars +/- R850

4 ) Tandem paraglider +/- R35 000

5) Reserve parachute +/- R9000


Total of +/- R60 000



Stephan Kruger

Stephan Kruger

Owner & Founder of Fly Cape Town Paragliding at Fly Cape Town Paragliding
Stephan is the owner of Fly Cape Town Paragliding. He is an avid tandem, competition and aerobatics paragliding pilot He loves to share the joy of paragliding flight with anyone who is keen...He is also a qualified paragliding instructor and a paragliding endurance athlete.
Stephan Kruger