Stephan Kruger

Stephan Kruger

Owner & Founder of Fly Cape Town Paragliding at Fly Cape Town Paragliding
Stephan is the owner of Fly Cape Town Paragliding. He is an avid tandem, competition and aerobatics paragliding pilot He loves to share the joy of paragliding flight with anyone who is keen...He is also a qualified paragliding instructor and a paragliding endurance athlete.
Stephan Kruger
Paragliding gift certificate


Get Your Paragliding Gift Certificate today

Most experiences in life only have momentary reminiscence attached to them yet there are some experiences which last a lifetime…and beyond! Paragliding is certainly one such experience!

At Fly Cape Town Paragliding, we understand the need for gifting such memorable experiences which last for eternity and accordingly offer tandem paragliding gift certificates. These paragliding gift certificates are available for easy purchase online on our website and are valid for as long as 4 months from the date of purchase, barring any other specifications to that effect. That way, recipients of your gift can easily plan and schedule their paragliding session as per their own convenience as well as weather conditions.

In fact, talking about weather conditions, just in case around the time that your recipients plan their paragliding session, the weather decides to play up, we will be happy to extend the validity of the tandem paragliding gift certificate that they have to a date when the weather is unlikely to play spoilsport, while also being comfortable to them as per their schedule.

Till date, we have had the delightful experience of thousands of happy customers buying tandem paragliding gift certificates from us. In turn, they have been able to offer the recipients an experience which has lasted for them forever, with memories of these occasions very well captured not only in their hearts but also in high quality pictures and videos, given that we offer the provision of in-flight photography and video with every paragliding session.

Our paragliding Cape Town sessions typically commence from Signal Hill or Lions Head from within the precincts of the gorgeous Table Mountain National park. So Capetonians and visitors to Kaapstad will both find it really easy to avail of the tandem paragliding gift certificates that you give to them.

Further, we have extended cross country tandem paragliding sessions on offer which last as much as 45 minutes or more in the air; as per your convenience and budget, you can easily opt to gift such tandem paragliding gift certificates, especially if you are well aware of the immense enthusiasm for paragliding that recipients of your gift happen to possess!

On the whole, Fly Cape Town Paragliding clearly has a lot to offer to adventure enthusiasts seeking unforgettable memories that last forever and ever…so why not make the most of it with our tandem paragliding gift certificates?