The Ozone Exoceat Race Harness



The Ozone Exoceat race harness is now available to order. Fred, Luc or Russ can tell you most about this harness, but it is built to complement wings like the Ozone Enzo 2 to give maximum performance.

The Ozone Exoceat is a low-drag high-performance harness for serious XC or Competition flying.

It is the result of a multi-year development process which included extensive testing, and wind-tunnel research, and a prolonged beta phase involving the world’s top competition pilots. The result is a unique and totally new design that we think is the perfect complement to our highest performing wings.

A lot of development time has gone into perfecting this ozone exoceat harness including the ‘bomb doors’ for deploying either of 2 possible reserves, satisfying the latest safety requirements for competition pilots.

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Pilot Height 175cm – 190cm
Harness Weight (includes: Carabiners, dummy rescue, cockpit, back bumper). 9.5 kg
Removable ballast container weight 280 g
Max Load 125 kg


More information can be found on the Ozone website

Stephan Kruger

Stephan Kruger

Owner & Founder of Fly Cape Town Paragliding at Fly Cape Town Paragliding
Stephan is the owner of Fly Cape Town Paragliding. He is an avid tandem, competition and aerobatics paragliding pilot He loves to share the joy of paragliding flight with anyone who is keen...He is also a qualified paragliding instructor and a paragliding endurance athlete.
Stephan Kruger