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Paragliding Information

FAQs – Most Questions Answered

How Much Does A Tandem Paragliding Flight Cost?

R1700 per person per flight.

How Do I Get My In Flight Pictures And Video?

HD pictures and video are uploaded directly onto your mobile device immediately after the flight at the landing area. Please make sure to have +/-2 gb of free space.

Where Do We Paraglide From?

We will paraglide from either Lions Head or Signal Hill depending on the weather conditions on the day.

What Do I Need To Bring With?

A bottle of water, sunscreen lotion and a camera if you wish to take your own photos.

How Do We Pay?

Due to the nature of our business we prefer to only take payment in cash or card after the flight has been done.

How Do I Get To Cape Town?

There are numerous airlines operating flights to Cape Town, both internationally (BA, Virgin, KLM, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines & Lufthansa) and locally (Kulula, British Airways, SAA & Mango).