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Paragliding Training Courses Cape Town

Learning to paraglide with Fly Cape Town Paragliding is easy, safe and lots of fun!

The minimum age requirement to start a paragliding training course with us is 16 but you can only get your license when you are 17 years old. Anyone can learn to fly; we have given paragliding lessons to people from the ages of 16 to 65 years old.

You will be taught in a safe environment under the supervision of expert instructors who will be in constant radio contact with you via a two-way radio.

You will attend in depth theory classes teaching you everything you need to know to become a safe paragliding pilot. Our training courses are structured around the learning capabilities of each individual student.

The courses can be done in consecutive days or stretched over a period of a few months.

Introduction To Paragliding Training Course

Duration – 2 Days

You will spend your first day getting familiarized with the paragliding equipment. We will practice ground handling techniques on a field and once you are competent with inflating the paraglider and keeping it above your head we will move to a small training hill. On the training hill you will do your first ground skimming paragliding flights. Once you are familiar with taking off and landing we will proceed to your first altitude flight. After completion of the Introduction to Paragliding course you may choose to continue with your Basic Paragliding license course.

Basic Paragliding License Course

Duration – 14 Days

We will teach you how to become a safe, competent basic license paragliding pilot. You will do a minimum of 35 flights which includes ridge soaring and thermalling. The course also includes a series of theory classes and you will have to complete a written examination paper before you are licensed.

Introduction To Safety In Paragliding Flight Simulation Course

Duration – 1 Days

You will be flying on a tandem paraglider with one of our highly experienced instructors. The instructor will simulate all the maneuvers as required in your Sports License rating with you in the air. You are welcome to try inducing the maneuvers from the front in the passenger seat. Your instructor will explain to you in the detail how the paraglider will react in each individual maneuver.

Safety In Paragliding Flight Simulation Course

Duration – 2 Days

The Safety in Paragliding flight Simulation course consists of the all maneuvers as required in your Sports license rating. We will conduct SIV training over a lake or a dam. Here you will be winched up with a boat and will induce all the maneuvers yourself under the safe instruction of a qualified SIV instructor via a two way radio.

Sports Paragliding License Course

Duration – 2 Days

The Sports Paragliding license course will take you to next level of your paragliding flying. You will attend in depth theory classes on meteorology, weather, safe decision making and assessment of flying conditions at paragliding sites. We will cover all of the safety maneuvers and a series of theory classes. You will have to complete a written examination paper before achieving your Sports rating.

Cross Country Paragliding Training Course

Duration – 2 Days

Here we will hone your skills. We will focus on Thermalling techniques, decision making in the air, choosing the right lines and getting you further in your XC paragliding flights. You can choose to either fly with the instructor on a tandem paraglider or fly solo under close observation of an instructor flying a solo paraglider as well with you in the air.

Introduction To Aerobatic Maneuvers

Duration – 1 Days

On the introduction to Aerobatic maneuvers you will fly with an instructor on the tandem paraglider. The instructor will teach you the basis of all aerobatic maneuvers, namely Wing Overs. You can choose to also do Spiral dives and the SAT. After the instructor has taken you through all the steps on the maneuvers you would like to learn, you can take the controls from the front seat. The instructor will talk you through every single step, entering the maneuver, control and exit of the maneuver.